Caixa Esporte Clube

Caixa is one of the key sponsors of brazilian sports, from track & field to soccer. And the legacy of its investments towards the fomenting of brazilian heroes is huge.


To capitalize on the efforts, our team proposed a comprehensive engagement campaign, that included content marketing, brand awareness and product placement, without hurting the ‘fun factor’ of our initiative.


Caixa Esporte Clube (Caixa Sports Club) asked celebrities engaged with sports themes to tell their experience with¬†stories of greatness – from world championships to local legends. Within those stories,¬†we offered relevant product offers (i.e. Travel Credit Cards when talking about supporters flying to watch Corinthians play FIFA Club World Championship), access to memorabilia galleries and showrooms where the crowd could appreciate the History of Brazilian Sports, and even reward program opportunities to change the client’s accumulated points with discounted perks.


The cherry on the top was a story-creator app, that allowed any fan to share their moments of glories and their experiences.

Content Marketing, Engagement